永久脫毛 procedure

The hairs will grow again after a short time which is not more then 2-3 days. The Bikini removal treatments have been proven to reduce, or stop the growth of hair in this area. Additionally it is effective in reducing the darkening of pigmentation in that area. In about 3-5 treatments one could establish permanent removal.Now, think about how the Verseo Epen Permanent Hair Removal Electrolysis Pen can be used in the comfort and privacy of your own home..Lasers with varying wavelengths of energy are used based on the hair color, skin color & skin type of customer.Laser treatment is restricted to only producing a single wavelength of light, whilst VPL/IPL uses a range of wavelengths specifically chosen as the optimum level for maximum absorption of the light energy by the pigment in your hair (melanin). also has the unique ability to infinitely configure a series of micro pulses that will not only effectively treat fine, medium and coarse hair, but will do it safely without damaging your skin whether it is white, brown or somewhere in between. In fact is so safe it will actually rejuvenate your skin at the same time as removing the unwanted hair.This is somewhat better for the males but not for the females because continuous shaving hardens the skin which is not affordable for the females. Electrolysis can be painful, tedious procedure and difficult to apply for large areas of the body. If this procedure is not done correctly, it can lead to skin infections, marks on the skin and/or partial results. 永久脫毛 脫毛 激光脫毛 If performed properly, long lasting results can be achieved. Some customers have shown positive response to laser treatments with long term results. Lasers can be used on larger surface areas and if regrowth does occur after a period of time, it's seen to be in light in color and very fine in texture.